Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation

A Total Approach to Physical Freedom

At Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, we provide a comprehensive approach to patient recovery.  Physical Therapy Evaluations address short and long term functional goals.  An effective individualized rehab program is planned through the assessment of the subjective complaints of the patient in relation to the objective findings in the evaluation of the musculoskeletal and neurological systems.  Flexibility, posture, strength, mobility of joint/tissue, body mechanics, and functional levels are evaluated.  We strive for patient independence allowing patients to maximize their physical capabilities in light of their physical limitations.  We incorporate the latest therapeutic techniques to achieve our goals for each patient, keeping in mind the patient's needs in relation to work, sports, or personal goals.  Our working atmosphere is pleasant and supportive, ensuring that every patient receives the greatest concern and respect during their rehabilitation.

Mission Statement
We at Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, are committed to providing out patients and referral sources, with the highest quality of care.  Our goal is to assist our patients to achieve their goals involving activities of daily living, work related tasks, and sports activities.  We will provide cost effective physical therapy and guide our patients toward their goals of physical independence.  With an eye toward the future, Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is ready to deploy all of it's experience in order to meet the demands of the changing climate in medicine.  We will insure that quality of care is the driving force behind the commitment to our patient.

Vision Statement
The professional staff of Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation, will, through continuing education and state of the art equipment, apply cutting edge medical technology to provide the best possible physical rehabilitation for all patients in our care.

Service Statement
Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation is a physical therapy clinic serving Chicago, Illinois and the surrounding communities for the rehabilitation of orthopedic, sports, and work related injuries.  Our experienced licensed Physical and Occupational Therapists work closely with the referring Physician and Case Managers to provide cost effective, expeditious therapy; with a goal of returning the patient to his/her appropriate work position as quickly as possible.

Industrial Rehab
Care and consideration are given to the needs of the "industrial athlete."  A Functional Capacity Evaluation is used to determine an individual's level of function.  This information is compared to the physical demands of a worker's job to determine a plan for return to work, alternative job placement, or work conditioning.
Evaluation Services include:
2 day Functional Capacity Evaluation;  2 day Upper Extremity Screening;  and Maximum Voluntary Effort Screening.  Also available:  Job Analysis to
gather detailed information on the physical demands and requirements of a particular job;  Transitional Return To Work - on site;  and Worksite Evaluation.

Specialty Services Provided
Spine Rehabilitation
(surgical and Non-Surgical)
Transitional Return to Work:

  • 2 day Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Functional Capacity Screening
  • 2 Day Upper Extremity Functional Capacity Evaluation
  • Maximum Voluntary Effort Screening
  • Job Analysis
  • Worksite Evaluation
  • Work Conditioning
  • Back Schools - Posture - Body Mechanics Training (on-site or in clinic)


Sports Physical Therapy
Multi-disciplined - PT - OT - ATC
Other Orthopedic Rehab

  • TMJ
  • Chronic Pain
  • Pre-post-natal pain
  • Injuries due to MVA

Assistance With Insurance Billing

Mayfair Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation has contractual agreements with many insurance companies including PPO's, HMO's and physical organizations.  We will assist patients by billing all workers' compensation and most health insurance companies directly.  We help verify coverage of out-patient therapy with the patient's insurance companies.  Group Health co-payments are expected at time of service. 

Additional Services
On-site/In Clinic services:
Back schools, exercise programs, and health fairs - fees negotiable.

On site athletic screenings, speakers (presentations for CEU's), consultations with employers to determine needs of company.

For more information about our programs or to make a patient referral, please call our central corporate billing office at 773-427-8777.



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