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Occupational Medicine & Family Practice

The Practice
Picture of Building    The T.S. Wright, M.D. Occupational Medicine & Family Practice Center has been serving the Northwest side of the City of Chicago for over 50 years.  We offer a free standing, state-of-the-art facility specializing in Occupational Medicine and Family Practice with a wide range of on-site services.  Our facility is conveniently located near the junction of the Edens (94) and Kennedy (90) expressways.  We are a complete and modern facility with a large well lighted, easily accessible parking lot adjacent to the building.  We are able to accommodate a great variety of medical examinations, post-employment physicals, occupational (industrial) injuries, workers compensation, disability, and insurance cases.  Additional services include; x-ray, open MRI on-site, minor surgery, casting, physical therapy, pulmonary function testing, audiometric screening, BAT (breath alcohol testing) - technician on site, urine drug and alcohol testing.  Our specimens are picked up daily and delivered to a SAMHSA approved laboratory.  We have direct computer access to the laboratory for expeditious results.  Additionally, T.S. Wright, M.D. is a certified MRO (Medical Review Officer).
     Our goal is to meet the medical and health care needs of our occupational patients, clients, and referral insurance groups, providing the best of care and returning our patients to the work force as expeditiously as possible.

The Staff
    Our staff is comprised of a stable and professional group that is comfortable in handling a wide range of Occupational Medical problems and paperwork.  Our staff is polylingual in Spanish and Polish and reports are completed on the day of the injury.  Each patient leaves the clinic with a work status report indicating his or her diagnosis, treatment plan, and current work status.  Additionally, we make frequent calls to the employer directly.  The treating Physician is always available to talk with the supervisor about modified work restrictions.  Communication and case management on all levels is considered a high priority.

Cost Control
     Cost efficient delivery of  high quality medical care is of great importance to all.  We use the standard ICD-9 and CPT code systems which expedites the processing of claims.  By striving to complete all of the work-up and the majority of diagnostic testing at one site, we are able to minimize the lost time and expense of traveling to different locations for testing.  We use the most appropriate diagnostic and therapeutic medical treatment available.  We believe in keeping the lines of communication open between the treating physician, clinical personnel, therapist, and the assigned case manager.  This approach, we believe, is the key to returning an injured employee back to full duty, healthy, and satisfied with the care and treatment they receive.

The Physician
     Board Certified in Family Practice, a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Physicians, and a member of the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, T.S. Wright, Jr. M.D. has been practicing Occupational Medicine and Family Practice since 1984.  He served as the Chief Resident in the Medical College of Wisconsin Family Practice Program.  As a third generation physician he continues the tradition of service to the community that was started by his late father, T.S. Wright, Sr. M.D., in 1946.  The tradition of service to the community in Occupational Medicine and Family Practice continues.


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